Estate Planning Attorney in Miami Beach, FL

Did You Move To Florida From Another State Or Country?

If you moved from another state or country and had your will or estate plan done there, it must be recreated in compliance with Florida law.

When Is The Best Time To Do Your Will Or Estate Plan?

The best time to plan your estate is now. Roughly 70% of Americans die intestate, which means dying without leaving a will or trust. Without a trust, all the decisions about who distributes your assets and how they are distributed are made by the legal system, a court-appointed executor, and a judge.

What Are The Five Basic Estate Planning Documents And How Can They Help You?

Revocable Trust

Protects you in the case of death, disability, and disappearance. Avoids costly and time-consuming probate. Protects children from inheriting too much too soon. Assists with tax planning, future planning, business planning. Consolidates assets in numerous states; for example, vacation homes or bank accounts.

Pour Over Will

Allows you to appoint a legal guardian for minor children. Moves assets into your trust at death. Addresses burial plans.

Power of Attorney

Provides protection when you are living, but unable to manage your financial matters and/or business.

Health Care Surrogate

Names the person who makes health care decisions for you if you are unable to do so.

Health Care Directive

States your wishes regarding medical treatment and preferences, and assist the healthcare surrogate when making a decision on your behalf.

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