Trust Administration

What Is A Trustee? How Can Ally Glaser, P.A. Help You?

The role of Trustee includes a wide variety of responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities include notifying heirs, settling debts, and paying state and federal taxes. Trust Administration is not a one-time deal and can last for as long as the Trust provides for it. Serving as a Trustee can be overwhelming. Retaining the services of an experienced Trust attorney like Ally M. Glaser, P.A. can help Trustees meet their fiduciary responsibilities, and provide peace of mind to beneficiaries that the Trust is being carried out per the instructions of the Trust. Responsibilities of a Trustee are substantial and must be handled with care.

Why Is Trust Administration So Important?

Depending on the size and extent of the estate, the trust may be very complicated, requiring someone who thoroughly understands all the steps and consequences involved. Ally M. Glaser, P.A. is here to help with these complicated matters. Ally M. Glaser, P.A. believes that getting to know you is essential to delivering legal services that truly fulfill your needs. This is why personal attention, accessibility, and responsiveness are core priorities in our law practice. Our firm brings sensitivity to family issues and a seasoned approach to every matter we handle.

What Are Trust Administration Services?

After the death of the person who created a Trust dies, certain steps must be taken to administer a trust. Ally M. Glaser, P.A. has the ability to step in and make this a successful and smooth process.

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