Someone close to me has died, do I need a probate attorney? What is probate? What is trust administration?

Probate is the court process required when someone dies with assets in their own name and there is no paid on death beneficiary. For example, on a bank account or life insurance if there is a beneficiary listed there may not be a need for probate. If there are no beneficiaries or all of the beneficiaries are also deceased, probate is required. The same is true for a house or apartment where the decedent is the only person on the deed.

Trust administration also requires an attorney to assist the loved ones in navigating through the trust and collecting and distributing trust assets. Sometimes, even with a trust and proper planning an asset is left out of the trust, and a probate may be required for this one asset or any assets, not included in the trust.

Probate and trust administration can be complicated and it is good to have a probate attorney with experience. Ally Glaser has the experience and knowledge to get you through your probate or trust administration in the least amount of time required.

Probate can be avoided by doing a proper estate plan with proper funding. This should be done while the trustee is alive and competent.

At Ally Glaser, PA, we do estate planning and we also handle probate and trust administration matters. We are happy to help you during these difficult times.