Why avoid probate? Recently I have been asked this question numerous times and I thought it would make a good blog topic.

Probate is an expensive and intrusive court process that is needed if an individual dies with assets in their own name or if jointly owned, both individuals pass away. Probate court can be avoided by doing a proper estate plan, but why do some people choose not to do it? Fears, money, time; these are all things that stop us. So why do it?

Doing your estate planning is a part of taking responsibility for your life, assets, and loved ones. At Ally Glaser PA, I create holistic estate plans that allow my clients to state their goals, visions, and wishes today while they are alive and well. The advantage to estate planning is yes, if done properly, you can avoid probate; but estate planning allows you to have a say in your health care, your burial or cremation, your legacy, your pets, your children, and your loved one’s future even after you are gone.

Estate planning is the process where an Estate Planning attorney assists an individual or couple in protecting their assets and loved ones during their lifetime; while avoiding probate and saving them money, wasted time, and worry surrounding their death or incapacity.

At Ally Glaser, PA, we do holistic estate planning and we also handle probate and trust administration matters with care and concern for the loved ones left behind. We are happy to help you during these difficult times and decisions.