What are the fees for estate planning? Are green card residents treated the same as citizens for death tax purposes? How is this different than the tax treatment of foreigners? Do I avoid probate with an unfunded trust?

Estate planning is the process where an Estate Planning attorney assists an individual or couple in protecting their assets and loved ones during their lifetime; while avoiding probate and saving them money, wasted time, and worry surrounding their death or incapacity.

Probate is a costly, public, and expensive court process that can be avoided with proper estate planning. A revocable trust can be created and if properly funded can avoid probate. An Estate Planning attorney is needed to assess each individual situation and determine the best plan of action.

Attorney fees at Ally Glaser, PA, are flat fees, hourly fees, or a combination of both.

At Ally Glaser, PA, we do holistic estate planning and we also handle probate and trust administration matters with care and concern for the loved ones left behind. We are happy to help you during these difficult times and decisions.