How Do You Move Forward When Your Loved One Has Died?

Upon the death of a loved one, new challenges begin. Arranging the funeral and cremation; and in some cases, body transport if your loved one wants to be buried in a specific place different from where they lived and died. For example, some of my clients want to buried in Israel or another country. If this is the case, is there a service and who attends this service? As an Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Attorney, I have seen first hand the sadness and stress that death has on the loved ones left behind.

How Do You Move Beyond The Grief?

1) Take your time to mourn the loss. Feel your emotions and deal with the sadness the best you can; in time the sadness may be replaced by happy memories. It is also normal to feel angry that your loved one was taken too soon; especially if they were young. Accept that you will have good and bad days and do your best.

2) Grief Groups. Join a grief group. This will make you feel less alone while giving you an outlet to discuss the hardships your loved one’s loss has left you with. Aside from groups, individual counseling and books on healing after a death are other good options.

3) Be resilient. If you have a career, go back to work when you are ready. If you love to play cards all day, begin playing cards again. If you loved going to exercise, begin again.

4) Grit and determination will get you through this. Some people who loose a loved one, die within a year of their death. They are either too sad to move forward or unable to imagine life without them. This is where counseling, friends, and doing what you love will help you get through this. Remember, you are not alone, it just may feel that way right now.

5) Travel. You may want to take a bus tour, a cruise, or a group biking, hiking or travel group. This will allow you to travel alone, yet be surrounded by people with similar interests. Thus, you might be less lonely and make friends, while doing what you love.

Estate Planning Can Make The Mourning Process Easier And Help Avoid Probate Court Involvement

At Ally Glaser PA, in Miami Beach, Florida, I do comprehensive holistic Estate Planning for my clients which usually includes cremation/burial planning, letters to their loved ones, and a comprehensive set of signed documents which cover health, financial, and legal matters. At Ally Glaser, PA, I give my clients the power to choose by assisting them with estate planning while they are able. The following documents are often used:

1) Health Care Documents state who is in charge if my client cannot make decisions; and what each client wants and does not want regarding medical care if they are unable to communicate their desires.

2) A Pour Over Will is often used to describe their burial or cremation, and discuss other maters.

3) A Revocable Trust, if funded properly, protects client in the case of death or incapacity and can be used to choose at what ages their beneficiaries will inherit their assets.

4) A Power of Attorney whether limited or general is also helpful for estate planning purposes. This document is the most misunderstood, as it only applies while the person is alive. Many people attempt to use this document upon the death of a loved one to attempt to transfer assets and only then do they learn, it only applies during life.

Why Should I Use An Experienced Probate, Trust, And Estate Planning Attorney?

As an attorney in Miami Beach, Florida with over twenty years of experience, I am knowledgeable and comfortable discussing estate planning matters or probate and trust administration, if your loved one has already died. I have both a law and psychology degree allowing me to easily navigate through this sensitive area of law. I am happy to help during this extremely difficult time.