The New Year is here and we all have resolutions. Some of mine are exercise often, take more vacations, eat more veggies, drink more water, enjoy a good work /life balance and be the best person I can be as an attorney, mother, wife, and friend.

For my clients and future clients, what are your resolutions? Maybe it is to get your estate planning documents in order or maybe starting small, it’s time to start thinking about these kinds of things.

If you are a parent of young children under 18 years of age, do you have a list of emergency contacts on your refrigerator or on a board up in your kitchen or somewhere super visible? Who should a babysitter or nanny call if you do not come home? It’s a good idea to include your pediatrician’s phone number and important medical information that may be needed.
If you are married, divorced, or a single parent, who should care for your children if you can’t? If you died suddenly, how would life look for them? Where would they live? Of course, this would all be horrible, but a well thought out estate plan along with personal letters that include pictures written by the parents themselves can really help ease the pain and confusion.