Probate And Estate Planning In Miami Beach

As a Miami Beach Probate, Trust, and Estate Planning attorney, I wanted to share a few examples of where clients have found me helpful.

Example #1- Estate Planning/ Incapacity

There are many misunderstandings about estate planning and incapacity in Miami, Florida. Most people think if you have loved ones, they can help manage your assets if you become incapacitated. This is not true, a guardianship must be initiated in the Miami Courts and an attorney must be hired to help with this process. A guardianship can be avoided with proper estate planning and usually, a properly funded revocable trust. A person does not need multiple properties and assets to do estate planning. A person with loved ones to protect and assets can benefit from estate planning, regardless of their level of wealth.

Example #2- Avoiding Miami Probate With Proper Estate Planning And Revocable Trusts

If estate planning is done properly, probate can be avoided. Estate planning also can protect a person regarding incapacity, disappearance, and health related matters. For example, if a revocable trust is completed properly and assets (real estate, bank accounts, investment accounts, second homes) are transferred into the trust and the trust is now the owner, probate may be avoided.

Example #3- Florida Residents May Avoid State Tax

When a Florida resident dies with Florida only property there is no state death tax. Other states may have a state death tax, but as of today, Florida does not. This is why people say Florida is a great state to live and die in. Many older people are moving to Miami Beach, Florida to retire and take advantage of this. Keep in mind, if a person dies in Florida and owns property and other assets in other states or countries, they may be subject to tax in each state or country.

Example #4-Probate Attorney In Miami Beach

Probate in Miami is a timely, public, and costly court process that can be avoided with proper estate planning. It is difficult to go through a probate while mourning the loss of your loved one and the process can be avoided with a properly funded revocable trust. A will does not protect you or prevent probate. I can help clients with Miami Beach Probate needs, but prefer to help them prevent that Miami Beach Probate from being needed in the first place.

Example #5- Estate Planning Attorney In Miami Beach

An Estate Planning attorney is needed to assess each individual situation and determine the best plan of action. At Ally Glaser, P.A, we are skilled in dealing with couples living together, couples living separately, married people with separate assets, married people with joint assets, individuals with assets here and in different states and countries, and parents who want to protect young children from inheriting too much, too soon, and thus, can choose to spread out their inheritance throughout many years and multiple distributions.

Ally Glaser Pa In Miami Beach, Florida Is Unique

At Ally Glaser, PA, in Miami Beach, Florida, we do holistic estate planning and also handle probate and trust administration matters with care and concern for the loved ones left behind. We are happy to help you during these difficult times and have many years of experience dealing with these sensitive issues.