As an Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Attorney in Miami Beach, Florida, I have attended many funerals both personally and professionally. Although I am always sad to see a loved one, friend, family member, or client pass away, I feel comfort in knowing they are celebrated to the fullest.

Today I enjoyed a great funeral of a great man who lived a long healthy life and practiced the advice he gave to others, some of which included:

1)   Eat healthy. We are what we eat so choose carefully.

2)   Be on time. He always said five minutes early is even better.

3)   Earn a great living and with that enjoy a great life. He truly lived life to the fullest, travelling and enjoying until the end.

4)   The fewer words you can explain something, the better. I loved this, I always had to think before I spoke.

5)   Be yourself, true and true and everyone will love you.

What Makes A Funeral Great?

Getting back to my original question, what makes a funeral great? Here are some core values that make a great service:

1)   The family and loved ones have good relationships. Today, everyone was gathered together, laughing and supporting each other.

2)   The individual lives a long, happy life. In today’s example, he lived until 86 and was an example of perfect health until he had a stroke a few weeks ago.

3)   The decedent has determined what he wants and the family and loved ones do it that way. This is very important as to decisions such as open or closed casket, burial or cremation, and mausoleum or ground burial.

Why Do I Love Being An Estate Planning, Trust, And Probate Law Attorney?

At the funeral today, I was sitting next to an old friend from yoga and she asked me why I do Estate planning, Trust, and Probate law over other areas that I might have chosen? I answered with a smile, sharing that I like to make a difference one person at a time and make the world a better place through my niche practice of law. This may seem like a huge goal to some, but in this area of law, it happens naturally and regularly. I have both a Psychology and Law degree and use them each day to make sure my clients are protected with an estate plan that states their wishes and has the law on their side.

Ally Glaser Pa In Miami Beach, Florida Is Holistic

At Ally Glaser, PA, in Miami Beach, Florida, I do holistic estate planning which covers the individual’s wishes regarding health care, burial or cremation, assets, and their loved ones. Each client is unique and my documents and planning reflect their individuality. If it is too late for planning and a loved one has died with assets in their own name and no paid on death beneficiary; I handle probate and trust administration matters with care and concern for the loved ones left behind. I am happy to help you during these challenging times and have over twenty years of experience dealing with these sensitive issues.