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When doing estate planning and thinking about probate, do I designate a person who I trust and know well as my personal representative and trustee or do I choose a corporate personal representative or trustee?

A corporate personal representative or trustee is someone appointed from a bank or financial institution that is familiar with the obligations and fiduciary responsibilities that come with being the personal representative or trustee. A friend or loved one is a good choice also as they know you well and can carry out your wishes as if you were still here. A friend or loved one who is responsible and willing will also be less expensive then a corporate trustee or personal representative.

Whomever you choose, that person will be required to work with an attorney to carry out the intentions of the documents. While choosing the right person as your personal representative or trustee is important, the probate attorney or trust administration attorney is even more important.

Probate and trust administration can be complicated and it is good to have a probate attorney with experience. Ally Glaser has the experience and knowledge to get you through your probate or trust administration process in the least amount of time.

Probate can be avoided by doing a proper estate plan. At Ally Glaser, PA, we do estate planning and also handle probate and trust administration matters. We are happy to help you during these difficult times.